Letter from
the CEO

Dear readers:

I am proud to share our 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report with you. Here at the CIO Group we continue with our efforts on behalf of environmental, social and good governance sustainability.

Everybody in the CIO family has a direct connection to our Corporate Responsibility because our team is undoubtedly the soul that gives meaning and feeling to our purpose. Because here at the CIO Group, we believe that actions speak louder than words.

Our history, with its deep connection to that of the Canary Islands over more than a century, inspires us every day to be more sustainable in all senses. We achieve this by keeping in touch with the environment and interacting with it in first person. There lies the strength of our CSR, in direct contact with our stakeholders.

We don’t confine ourselves to contributing: we have decided to collaborate, but in a different way – getting involved, creating synergies, setting up lines of communication, connecting different groups to each other… in short, taking part in their actions and challenges. Collaboration and commitment are the linchpins that articulate our CSR along with respect for the environment and commitment to the society.

Our main challenge for 2019 is to remain faithful to our promise to build a CSR model as an essential part of our culture, based on constant pursuit of the highest standards of excellence in our daily work. This is a key aspect for fulfilment of our plans for the future.

Francisco Javier Zamorano