Challenges 2019
The Environment

Caption: Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS)
Caption: Companies

Workforce actions ODS Repeating
Implementation of ISO 14001 / EMAS 6,7,9,11,12,13,15
We continue to cultivate vegetables and fruit trees based on organic farming criteria in addition to the medicinal and aromatic plants garden. 2,12
Maintenance of composting for use in gardens. 12
Guided tours for clients through the Hotel’s garden areas will continue. 15
We continue to foster the addition of organic products to the Hotel’s gastronomic offer. 2,3,12
Recognition of the winning ideas of the fourth edition of the ‘Environmental Champion’ contest of the CIO Group. 11,15
Biosphere Seal of Responsible Tourism renewed. 6,7,11,12,13,15
Continuation of environmental training in various departments by the CIO Group’s environmental expert. 4,6,7,11,12,13,15
For the ninth consecutive year we will take part in the Earth Hour, a global activity conceived and promoted by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). 11,12,13
Verification of the carbon footprint calculation by an accredited agency. 7,12,13
We continue to improve our waste management to foster recycling by installing waste-bins with selective separation in the guest rooms. 12
Calculation of the carbon sink potential of the Hotel’s landscaped areas. 6,12
Energy audit update and implementation of the Energy Efficiency Action Plan. 7,12,13
Reduction of single-use plastics. . 12
Installation of charging points for electric vehicles. 7,12,13
Improvement of the measures to reduce consumption of LPG and electricity. 7,12,13
Reduction of the ecotoxicity levels of wastewater emissions. 6,12
Implementation of procedures for the partial or total elimination of paper in administrative management. 12
Introduction of containers for plastic recycling. 12
Replacement of the water evacuation pump to reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint. 6,7,12,13
We continue to foster the development of sustainable habits among the workforce. 11,15
We continue changing the windows in the housing to double glazing. 12
Changing the luminaires to LED technology continues in the buildings and the Las Torres area. 7,12,13
Replacement of solvent-based paints with environmentally-friendly acrylic paints. 13
Use of Eco fuel in the company vehicle. 11,12,13
Drafting of the code of conduct and environmental assessment of suppliers. 11
We continue to strengthen power consumption savings through control by presence sensors installed. 12,13
Renewal of measures to reduce electric power consumption in the server room. 12
Diagnosis of the environmental impact of the company and implementation of a system of indicators for monitoring and control. 11,13
Progressive and partial change to the use of recycled paper. 12,13
Development, design and implementation of the ‘Small Environmental Gestures’ decalogue of good environmental practices. 11,15
Review of waste management procedures for updating and improvement. 12
Study of the feasibility of a self-consumption project and battery storage by installing a photovoltaic panel to ensure the power supply. 7,12,13