Actions 2018
The Environment

Caption: Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS)
Caption: Companies

Workforce actions ODS Repeating
We continue to cultivate vegetables and fruit trees based on organic farming criteria in addition to the medicinal and aromatic plants garden. 2,12
Composting based on our own pruning for use in the gardens will continue. 12
Guided tours for clients through the Hotel’s garden areas will continue. 15
We continue to foster the addition of organic products to the Hotel’s gastronomic offer. 2,3,12
Renewal of the Biosphere and Travelife stamps. 6,7,11,12,13,15
Incorporation of a qualified environmental expert into the CIO Group. 7,12,13
Installation of a floodlight with photovoltaic panel, battery and a twilight clock in the Villa swimming pools to reduce consumption from the grid. 6,7,13
Start-up of the Press Reader application to provide press and magazines in digital format to the Hotel’s clientele, this dispensing with paper in the press service. 12
The ‘How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint’ course will be run. 11,12,13
For the eighth consecutive year we will take part in the Earth Hour, a global activity conceived and promoted by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). 11,12,13
Purchase of carts to improve the selective separation of waste. 12
Enhancement of control of paper consumption by using digital tablets to register arrivals. 12
The progressive replacement of halogen luminaires to LED systems in the villas and their offices will continue. 7,12,13
Start of environmental training in various departments by the CIO Group’s environmental expert. 4,6,7,11,12,13,15
Calculation of the carbon footprint and comparison with 2017 shows a reduction of 30.09%. 7,12,13
We continue to improve our waste management to foster recycling of paper. 12
We take part in the measures organised by the Island Council and Tourism of Tenerife within the Sustainable Actions Plan. 11
Progressive replacement of the digital scales in the guest rooms by mechanical scales stop using batteries. 7,11,12,13,15
Installation of IP technology cameras to reduce electric power consumption. 7,12,13
Installation of containers to deposit used toner and ink cartridges for subsequent disposal by an authorised waste manager. 12
We will hold the third edition of the Environmental Champion, a contest among the company’s personnel to propose a sustainable environmental protection action open to all Group companies. 11,15
Boosting the development of sustainable behaviour by the entire workforce. 11,15
We continue changing the windows in the housing to double glazing. 12
Changing the luminaires to LED technology continues in the buildings and the Las Torres area. 7,12,13
Distribution of pallets donated by the rented commercial premises to foster recycling by making furniture. 12
Enhanced environmental sustainability of the sewage network on the Las Torres site and consequent conservation of the natural environment. 6,11
We continue to strengthen power consumption savings through control by presence sensors installed in CIO offices. 12,13
Recovery of waste paper by implementation of custom bins for collection and subsequent processing by an authorised waste manager for final recycling by paper mills. 12,13
Implementation of energy efficiency enhancement measures with the consequent reduction in power consumption by 14% compared to 2017. 12,13
We continue to sponsor the EcoOcéanos programme aimed at cleaning the coast and the seabed of Tenerife that has collected a total of 3,050 kg of waste. 14
Reduction of the ecological footprint by reducing the consumption of paper napkins in bathrooms by installing highly energy-efficient hand dryers. 12,13
Collaboration with The Ocean Cleanup Foundation to rid the oceans of plastic. 14
Collaboration with the sustainability contest organised by the Island Council and Tenerife Tourism with a free stay for two people in a double room with accommodation and buffet breakfast as the prize. 11
Reduction of water footprint on the island of Tenerife with the production of 94.4% of the water we consume. 11,12,13
Recovery of used vegetable oil from kitchens by an authorised waste manager resulting in recovery of 90% as biodiesel fuel. 12
Inauguration of the new Duque Beach North, built in accordance with sustainability criteria minimising the environmental impact. 9,11,14
The Playa del Duque beach’s Blue Flag has been renewed. 9,11,14