Actions 2018

Caption: Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS)
Caption: Companies

Workforce actions ODS Repeating
Continuation of the congratulatory message and gift on the birthday of each employee. 8
Maintenance of the initiative that acknowledges the personnel most valued by customers and the company with incentives. 8
We continue to acknowledge births and deaths in the family unit of the workers. 8
Renewal of the offer to all personnel of the CIO Group of special prices on purchase of Fuentealta water. 3,8
Fuentealta continues to allot several free places to take part in the Vilaflor Trail. 3,8
The exclusive parking facility for bicycles in the Hotel staff enclosure will be maintained. 3,8,11
Offer of special conditions for purchase of airline tickets and use of sports campuses for personnel. 3,8
Offer of a staff discount on purchase of products in the Hotel drugstores. 8
Implementation of training for personnel in child-care and protection. 8,11
Resumption of the Santa Claus children’s party for children of the workforce. 8
Retention of acknowledgement of personnel that have worked in the company for 10 years. 8
Implementation of a continuous training program for CIO Group personnel. 4,8
Renewal of the induction programme for newly recruited staff to provide orientation to the organisation. 8
Performance assessment of permanent personnel will continue.
Renewal of the surveys on the work environment. 8
The special rate for accommodation of family and friends of personnel in the Hotel is maintained. 8
Offer to the staff of special car rental prices. 8
Creation of Channel#SomosCIO (We Are CIO) shown on specially installed screens in all the Group’s rest areas. Its mission is to connect the entire CIO family, informing corporate, playful, socially and environmentally. 8
Inauguration of ‘Our corner’, a rest area for the entire staff of the Hotel. 8
Grant of the Duqui Study Scholarship, monetary aid granted to a son or daughter of a member of the staff to pursue university studies. 4,8
Continuation of acknowledgement of the staff member who submits the winning idea of the second edition of the Environmental Champion of the CIO Group. 3,8,12,13
We will hold a party for personnel on 1 May, International Workers’ Day. 8
Implementation of a new acknowledgement for staff members who have been working for the company for 25 years. 8
Invitation for personnel to the Indie-Pop, Delorean and Resonance concert at the Hard Rock Hotel, Tenerife. 8
Recognition of the ‘Record Group employee of the quarter’. 8
Presence twice a week of an expert from the Human Resources Department at the Record Group’s offices. 8
Development of a new training plan geared to the specific needs of each job. 4,8
Implementation of a work environment assessment system in coordination with the Human Resources department of the Group’s offices. 8
Training in occupational health and safety. 4,8
Maintenance of promotion of labour conciliation measures. 8
Offer of discounts at Comercial Atlántico for CIO Group personnel. 8
Offer of discounts at Disa service stations for the workforce. 8
The CIO Managers’ Convention for integration of the organisation, a workshop addressed to thirty of CIO’s managers and led by a coach, will be held. 8
Once again, we increase the percentage of recruitment of people with disabilities. 8,10
Maintenance of dissemination of the monthly Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) Solidarity bulletin for all staff as an information tool for prevention. 3,4,8
Continuation of the outdoor team-building activity based on fun and sports for the Christmas holidays. 3,8
We continue to acknowledge the employee of the quarter. 8
Workplace training in the Human Resources department for people at risk of social exclusion will be maintained. 4,8,10
We continue to insert young people at risk of social exclusion into the workforce. 8,10
Renewal of collaboration of counselling-related activities with aid and relocation associations for people at risk of social exclusion. 8,10
Offer of discounts in the Vincci Hotels chain to the CIO Group personnel. 8
Renewal of ISO 9001:2015 certification in quality management with impact on improvement and welfare in the work environment. 8