Actions 2018

Caption: Sustainable Development Objectives (ODS)
Caption: Companies

Workforce actions ODS Repeating
Renewal of collaboration for the twenty-first consecutive year with the “What can you do with € 1?” project for the benefit of the NGO Ayuda en Acción to continue sponsoring 40 children in various countries. 1,2,3,4
We continue to donate bathroom and bed linen to groups devoted to the protection of animals such as FECAPAP, Esperanza del Sur and MADAT. 10,12
We continue to cooperate with Canarias Radio to provide information on safety that could be useful to the public. 11
We are implementing a campaign under the auspices of Caritas to collect used eye and sun-glasses for people at risk of poverty. 10,12
We continue to support ‘Buscándome las Habichuelas’ (Earning my Keep), a project by Cáritas to train and employ people at risk of social exclusion by purchasing organic agricultural products for the Hotel restaurants. 2,4,8,10,12
We maintain the monthly donation of food to the Hermanos de la Cruz Blanca (Brothers of the White Cross) 2
Donation of food to La Buena Estrella association that provides meals for people at risk of social exclusion. 2
Financial contribution to ACUFADE, the Association of Caregivers, Relatives and Friends of Persons with Dependence, Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias. 10
Donation of household items to the Brother Pedro Special Education Centre. 10,12
Donation of furniture to the Casa de la Solidaridad nursing home. 10,12
Donation of furniture to the Canary Islands Foundation for the Deaf and their Families. 10,12
Second edition of the master class ‘SaboreAñaza’ given by seven of the best hotel catering chefs who have donated 67 hours of voluntary work for students of the Añaza Cuisine Training Centre (FOCA) run by the Fundación Buen Samaritano de Añaza by the Asociación ProJoven (young entrepreneurs’ association) who closed the course by offering a cocktail to occupants of the Hermano Pedro adult centre run by the Fundación Sagrada Familia. 2,4,8,10
Donation of crutches to the Pichón Trail Project association to help people suffering from multiple sclerosis. 10
Grand collection of 520 kilos of food donated by all CIO Group personnel, aimed at the La Cuevita de los Ortega NGO that attends to 80 families with 120 children living below the poverty line. 2,10
Implementation of the initiative ‘Destapa tu Lado Solidario’ (Show your Solidarity Side) to collect plastic bottle caps by all CIO Group personnel and Fuentealta points of sale as a solidarity action aimed by the workforce. The proceeds will finally be donated to an employee’s son with disabilities. 10,12
Donation of a premature baby dummy for the Paediatrics area of the Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria University Hospital. 3
Collaboration with the Fundación Theodora by acquiring ‘red noses’ for the use of staff and guests at the Hotel’s dinner. 3
We hold the 6th and 7th Solidarity Markets to dispose of furniture and household goods replaced by renovation, the proceeds from which are devoted to a social action. 10,12
Donation of adult combs and shoes to Cáritas. 10,12
Donation of cleaning utensils to the Fundación Sagrada Familia. 10,12
Donation of shoes to Children’s Villages. 10,12
We continue to implement the Amber alert, a notification system for missing children. 11
Collaboration with the San Miguel de Abona Farmer’s Market for preparation of recipes with their products. 2,12
Conducting a healthy cooking workshop for children in collaboration with the City of San Miguel de Abona. 2,3
We continue to support the community by acquiring locally-produced food products. 2,12
We continue to stock articles made by Asociación Tinerfeña de Trisómicos 21 Down Tenerife and FUNCASOR in the Hotel’s drugstores, allocating 100% of the sales margin to said NGOs. 10
Sale of fair-trade goods in the Hotel’s drugstores. 10
We continue to recover metallic waste for sale continues. We distribute the proceeds among various Corporate Responsibility projects. 10, 12
Continuation of agreements with companies that employ personnel with disabilities and with difficulties of insertion in the labour market. 8,10
Support for women’s and men’s sports teams by distributing water. 3
We carry on collaborating with various NGOs by distributing water. 3,10
Renewal of collaboration with solidarity activities by distributing water. 3,10
Participation in 211 events with the aim of promoting healthy living habits and more sustainable attitudes by donating 203,171 litres of water. 3
Renewal of the agreement with the Canary Islands Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma Foundation aimed at performing social work and fostering participation in sports. 3,10
Dissemination of the ‘Solidarity Families’ project of the Insular Institute of Social Care and Health Partner of Tenerife (IASS) by our personnel to find host families for children at risk of social exclusion. 8,10
Sponsorship by the workforce of a minor in Paraguay through the NGO Ayuda en Acción. 1,2,3,4,8
Design of a charity raffle for the Asociación Tenerife de Trisómicos 21 Down Tenerife for an accommodation with breakfast voucher donated by the Hotel. 8,10
Design and production of a roll up on habits for a healthy life for the Asociación Sofía. 2,3,8
Donation of a paper shredder for the Nahia Association, engaged in social insertion. 10
Collaboration with the mental health association ATELSAM and with the Association of Relatives and Friends of the Educational Therapeutic Unit of the Canary Islands (AFAUTE_CA) with 32 hours of corporate volunteering within the framework of the activities of the 8th International Corporate Volunteering Week. 8,11
Membership of the Canary Islands Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Network, an organisation founded to create synergies among NGOs, companies and citizens in CSR-related issues. 11
Sponsorship of the construction engineering plans for an orphanage in Kenya carried out by the Faculty of Architecture of the European University of the Canary Islands. 2,3,11
Collaboration with the project ‘iPads for inclusion’ promoted by the Pedro Rodríguez Ledesma Foundation. 10
Performance, in collaboration with EcoOcéanos, of a cleaning activity on the Punta de Teno beach with the participation of the Association for Aid to Persons with APEDECA Dependency and the Fundación Tutelar Sonsoles Soriano. 10,14
Sponsorship of hats and shirts for user activities at the El Mojón disabilities Centre. 10
We maintain our support for the Asociación Tenerife de Trisómicos 21 Down Tenerife through a monetary donation for the creation of the first Early Warning Association in southern Tenerife. 10
Donation of ten vouchers for two nights of accommodation with breakfast to ten NGOs to raise funds in their charity events. 10
Participation in the ‘Improving the recycling of plastic containers’ challenge within the framework of the Demola Canarias innovation project in conjunction with five students from the University of La Laguna, coordinated by the Technological Institute of the Canary Islands. 4,8,12